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Resulting from a partnership between the French Horse and Riding Institute (IFCE) and the European Horse Network (EHN), the detailed study on equidae-related legislation is the first project attempting to understand the specific equine legal issues faced by 12 European countries.

The comparative publication focuses on 5 main issues:

  • Legal status of horses (animal for production or pet animal),
  • Identification of the equidae;
  • tax rules applicable to equine activities;
  • Betting regulations;
  • Welfare standards.

The document reviews existing rules and potential reforms in France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Sweden.

What are the laws for Equines in Europe ? 

Author Astrid Engelsen

200 pages, June 2017

Price : € 20

This book is available only in digital format. Purchase and downloading on the publisher’s website :

mage with text >>

Equestrian Tourism Press Release Jul 17
MEP HorseGroup Equestrian Tourism Jul 17[...]
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MEP Horse Group on Future Agricultural Policy
EHN Horses in Agricultural Policy May 17[...]
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ATA Conference Feb 17
EHN Board Member, Roly Owers, presented an overview of the EHN at the 43rd Animal Transport Association Conference in Hong Kong on Friday 10th February.
EHN ATA Conference Presentation Feb 17.p[...]
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Equine Conference in the European Parliament French Version 20 Oct 16
EHN Equine Conference in the European Pa[...]
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Equine Conference in the European Parliament English Version 20 Oct 16
EHN Equine Conference in the European Pa[...]
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Equine Welfare Conference in the European Parliament - 21 Oct 15 - Brussels
Equine Conference Report Oct 2015.pdf
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Joint Session EAAP/EHN on research - 2 Sep 15 Warsaw
Summary joint session HC EAAP - Warsaw 2[...]
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EHN Seminar Report 9 Oct 14
EHN Seminar Report Oct 14.pdf
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EHN Caen Press Release
EHN Caen Press Release.pdf
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MEPs focus on the unique opportunities within equestrian sport
July 2012
EHN Sport PR.pdf
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The EHN has published a leaflet about the role of horses in Sport
November 2013
Principle of a simplified Animal Health [...]
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