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Horses & Sport update
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Equestrian Tourism
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Horses in Agricultural Policy
EHN Horses in Agricultural Policy May 17[...]
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Responsible Ownership
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Equine Growth & Environment
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Veterinary Products
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Caen Horse Conference September 2014
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Equine Research
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Equine Education
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Equine Sport
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Equine Welfare
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European Horse Sector
The EHN has published a leaflet outlining the scope of the horse sector in Europe and also how it affects so many areas of our lives - from helping the disabled to contributing greatly to local economies through successful European businesses linked to equestrianism.
European Horse Sector.pdf
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Equine Health
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Common Agricultural Policy
The horse sector is a dynamic agricultural and rural force in Europe.

There are over 6 million horses in Europe grazing over 6 million hectares of permanent grassland
While total revenues from traditional farming have fallen around 60% from their peak income level in 1995, the horse sector as a whole is growing, with the number of horse riders increasing by around +5% a year.
Market dynamics in agriculture and leisure are expected to amplify this further in future years, making the equestrian, horse racing and betting sector an important contributor for regional growth in many countries and regions throughout the EU. The horse sector has many positives in terms of agricultural and rural development:

*Ecologically friendly with a focus on permanent pasture
*minimal or no use of pest
Common Agricultural Policy.pdf
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