The EHN is open to all non-profit organizations, which work at a World-, European-, National- or Regional-level within the European horse sector.


A decision about new members is taken once a year at the annual meeting.


All members of the EHN have to fulfil the following requirements:


a) be a sustainable organization.

b)clearly represent a specific group of equestrian stakeholders.

c) have a structure which ensures proper representation of their members.


The EHN membership can be terminated by the member organization at any time and such notification must be in writing on official letterhead of the respective organization. Membership contributions for the current year and other outstanding debts must be paid in full.


An organization’s membership in EHN can also be terminated:


a) by the EHN membership. This decision requires an 80 % majority of all members at the annual meeting.

b) when the annual fee is not paid 90 days (with usual reminders) after the start of a new financial year.

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