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European Horse Network (EHN) was formed from a Swedish initiative at the European conference EU Equus 2009 (29/30 October 2009). For further information on the EU Equus Conference please click the below link

EU Equus 2009
Summary EU Equus2009.pdf
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The Swedish Horse Council Federation (HNS) is the first organization to be responsible for the continued work within the network. Chairman is Stefan Johanson CEO, HNS


Principles of Organization - Mission Statement


EHN is a non-profit network of stakeholders acting at a World-, European-, National- or Regional-level within the European horse sector.


Its purpose is to:

  • Promote the development of the horse sector in Europe.
  • To help members coordinate their activities in order to increase the visibility and impact of the horse sector.
  • Act as a platform for the horse industry to communicate common issues with European institutions and media at the European level.
  • Exchange views on political developments affecting the horse sector in Europe.
  • Discuss, define and lobby on areas of common interests on the European political agenda.
  • Discuss and define issues of common interest to develop the horse sector in Europe.
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