Rights and Responsibilities

The Annual Meeting of all members will decide on:

  • all governance issues related to EHN
  • new members / member exclusion
  • the membership fee
  • the action plan and other activities


The EB is responsible to:

  • Nominate a chairman out of the group of elected EB members
  • Produce and after decision at the annual meeting implement and work with the action plan and
  • Prepare corresponding proposals
  • Maintain and publish a register of members organizations
  • Inform all members after meetings by sending the minutes
  • Requests decisions by email from all members (if appropriate)
  • Ensure the implementation of all (lobby) activities.
  • All members have the right to submit requests and agenda items for discussion at a meeting of the EB.


Objectives of the European Horse Network

To share knowledge and work on issues of common concern such as:

  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Exotic Virus Diseases
  • Breeding and Husbandry
  • Transport and Identification
  • Rural Development and Environmental Impact
  • Education, Research and Development
  • Funding of the Horse Industry
  • VAT and Taxes



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