Equine Veterinary Produts - January 2015

Without animals of good health status there is no horse industry in Europe, whether it concerns sport, pleasure or breeding. Good health status however requires the availability of a sufficient number of veterinary medicinal products. Transparent and non-bureaucratic veterinary medicinal legislation is vital for horse owners and professionals working with horses.


The EU legal environment on the manufacture, authorization, marketing, distribution and use of veterinary medicines was adopted in 2001.


Over the years, this regulatory framework has been amended in response to scientific advances and the needs of the veterinary sector. However, the current legislation is no longer fit for purpose and stakeholders have reported an overall lack of authorized veterinary medicines for minor species, for rare or emerging diseases and for some diseases in major species. This lack of veterinary medicines poses significant animal health and welfare problems, increased risks for human health, and economic and competitive disadvantage for EU farming.


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