Employment Impact

Different ratios have been calculated on the employment linked to horses, but "working" horses (in breeding, in competition, or for leisure...) all rely on providing employment which is labour intensive and provides year long employment opportunities. With all the different studies on this question, EHN estimates that the horse sector in Europe represents around 400 000 full time jobs equivalent.


These are also quite often in regions where there is limited rural employment in other sectors.


Considering this figure and the fact that this is a growing sector in Europe, which provides employment in many EU regions, this is a significant and positive area for growing EU employment in the regions.


Around a third of the jobs in Newmarket, in the UK, are related to the horseracing industry, and the proportion is even higher in the Lambourn region.The equestrian sector is the largest sporting employer in the country. The core industry employment by racing and riding combined is around 70 000 FTE. Including indirect employment the total reaches between 220 – 270 000 people thus equalling, if not exceeding those employed by farming. Whilst revenues from many other rural industries have fallen, the equestrian industry has continued to grow and develop.

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