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Webinar - How to communicate on the equine industry - 27 February 2024

Report on EHN Webinar on How to communicate on the equine industry 27 February 2024
EHN Webinar on Communication FEB2024.pdf
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Recent public opinion research on horses in sport
Jessica Stark, Head of Communication at World Horse Welfare
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How to communicate on the equine industry – Take the opportunity of the Olympics to present good stories
Olivia Robinson, Communication Director at FEI
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Moderation & pro-active handling of communication around horses and sport horses
Haike Blaauw, Managing Director at FNRS
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Symposium with Media organised in 2022 – Objectives and Conclusions
Charles Trolliet, President at Cofichev
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The need of the specialised press
Kim C Lundin, Swedish free-lancer journalist and photographer, board member and secretary at IAEJ, International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists
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EHN Webinar on Equine Workforce - 28 November 2023

Report on EHN Webinar on Equine Workforce 28 November 2023
Report on EHN Webinar on Equine Workforc[...]
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Figures and Impact Story of the Equine Industry in Finland
Lumi Drozzin - MTK
Minna Peltonen - SRL
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Equine Veterinary Workforce: What challenges are we facing?
Dr. Lucy Grieve, Vice President of FEEVA.
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EquuRES label
Emma Humbert Martin - Horse Council of Normandy
Emma Humbert Martin Equures Label Welfar[...]
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British and International Grooms Association
Lucy Katan - British Grooms Association
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Équi-ressources service: employment and career guidance in the equine industry
Marie Morin - IFCE
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Trotting Colleague in Wågen, Sweden
Håkan Karlsson - CEO at Wågen
Hakan Karlsson Wangen in Sweden EHN Wor[...]
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MEP Horse Group welcomed the President of the European Commission on 8 June 2023 in the European Parliament in Brussels:


The meeting dealt with the conditions of detention of equidae, in the context of a review of EU animal welfare legislation. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, was able to hear the concerns and expectations of the industry. She took advantage of this meeting to reaffirm her support for the professionals of this industry. Their needs will be taken into account in the legislative proposal to be published in the autumn.


- Professor Kathalijine Visser-Riesdtra from the University of Dronten in the Netherlands stressed the importance of taking scientific data into account in future regulations in order to improve the living conditions of horses in Europe. The sector wanted to show its investment on the topic.

- Ingmar De Vos explained the rules for protecting horses during international competition.

- The Belgian rider, François Marthy Jr, was also present on behalf of the International Show Jumping Riders Club (IJRC). He was able to explain how well-being is taken into account in the accommodation and day-to-day management of high-level horses.

- Alexia Bret-Morel, ethologist at the French Equestrian Federation, presented the model of certification of French equestrian centres that allows to support professionals engaged in a voluntary approach.

- Lumi Drozzin from MTK and Minna Peltonen from the Equestrian Federation in Finland presented the recent impact study of the equine industry and its many benefits, reducing the risks of exclusion, supporting well-being and promoting carbon sequestration.

- To conclude, Mark Wentein, President of the EHN, stressed the importance for the industry to display a common position. Thus, the EHN has drafted a position paper on horse holding for European decision-makers in order to present the specificities of the sector that must be taken into account.

EHN organised a conference of presidents of the members' structures on 8th July 2023 in Brussels


More than twenty-two EHN member structures, represented by their Director and President discussed strategic issues. A workshop was first proposed as part of the European prospective study: The equine industry in 2040. This study should make it possible to develop scenarios and an action plan for the members of the European Horse Network. The presidents and directors identified trends that could impact equine activities. The outcome will be shared later when the work has progressed, probably in November 2023. The study is led by the Federation of Equestrian Centres in the Netherlands (FNRS) and is supported by IFCE (French Equine Institute).

The second major topic was the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The holding of this sporting event on European soil is indeed important for the equine industry. IFCE, the coordinator of the event in France, proposed that EHN members could co-organise an International conference to be held in April 2024. It could address key strategic and shared issues such as sustainable development and welfare. Ingmar De Vos, president of the International Equestrian Federation and IOC member, presented to the audience the main issues and difficulties that exist at each edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to maintain equine disciplines.

Report EHN Presidents meeting 8 June 2023
Report EHN Presidents Meeting 8 June 202[...]
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Equine Conference of the EU French Presidency: The Horse, an asset for the post-crisis world in France and in Europe 


On the 1st of April 2022 the European Horse Network participated in the Equine Conference of the EU French Presidency: The Horse, an asset for the post-crisis world in France and in Europe.

120 participants from France and Europe attended the Conference in Saumur. Panellists from equestrian sport, horseracing, horse welfare and politicians agreed to say that the Covid crisis has pushed people back to nature and it is an opportunity for the equine world. Equines are still in need of recognition as the animal is not a pet but stands in between agriculture and sport. There is a need to improve the knowledge, the research and to invest in education and training for the equine to gain the place in society it deserves. 

Listen to the presentations and discussion in English here


MEP Horse Group Anual Conference – 16 November 2021
The European Horse Network addressed the President of the European Commission and Members of the European Parliament in Brussels

“We share the same passion for horses” were the introductory words of the President, “horsemanship is a culture, a knowledge and is part of our future”.

Mrs Ursula von der Leyen listed the three policies with important opportunities for the equine industry: the agriculture policy and green tourism, NextGenerationEU and the Green Deal.
PR EHN MEP Horse Group 16 November 21.pd[...]
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Mrs Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, 

Mrs Hilde Vautmans, Member of the European Parliament and Chairwoman of the MEPHorse Group and the European Horse Network, and Mr Mark Wentein, Chairman of the European Horse Network, at the entrance of the venue.

Webinar on the AHL - 7 September 2021
EHN gathered 35 members on a Webinar to better understand the global architecture and the main changes of the European Animal Health Law that came into force in July 2021. A presentation with a focus on movements and new rules of identification and registration from IFCE (French Equine Institute)
EHN AHL Webinar 7 September 2021.pdf
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MEP Horse Group New chairwoman - July 2019
Image of Mark Wentein and Hilde Vautmans
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EQUINE CONFERENCE: Responsible care throughout the life of equines
16th October 2018 - European Parliament in Brussels
More than 70 people were present at the Equine Conference this year, co-organized by 4 European structures of the equine industry and hosted by MEPs Julie Girling and Jean Arthuis, Chair of the Horse Group of Parliament.
The conference, bringing together professionals from all sectors - food and agriculture, veterinary sciences, equine welfare, law enforcement agencies, equestrian sport and horse racing, wanted to take stock of the actions and practices in the field for improving the welfare of European equines.
2018 Equine Conference Report - 16 Oct.p[...]
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The MEP Horse Group led by Jean Arthuis met on 7 November at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss the impact of Brexit on the horse industry. The conference was attended by MEPs, French parliamentarians, agricultural attachés, officials of the European Commission and many representatives of the equine industry, members of the European Horse Network.
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